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"Phil Reck of RSB & Associates, P. C. mentored us from the moment we were interested in purchasing Moonlight Café. He shopped and secured financing for us and walked us through the entire process. The day we closed on the restaurant, he sat right beside us just in case we needed him. Phil gave us guidance and taught us so much. He always had our best interest at heart.

Now that we are the owners of Moonlight Café, our focus is running our business successfully. We hired Phil Reck's firm as our accountants. RSB & Associates takes care of all our business finances including payroll, bookkeeping, financials, accounts payable and of course our business and personal taxes. We get to enjoy running our business with complete confidence knowing we have Phil Reck behind the scenes taken care of our financial well-being. He is so much more than an accountant. He truly loves to help people succeed and has tremendous business knowledge to make that happen.

Thank you Phil for everything you have done for us and continue to do."

Shaye & Tyler Merryman, Owners Moonlight Café

"There are not enough words to explain all the help that RSB firm provided us. Phil Reck, along with his staff are proponents of a hard line approach to literally taking us from a semi-successful company to ultra-proliferating firm in a short amount of time. Taking regulations and the challenges of this year (2020), the RSB team took us from a fledgling 20 year old business to a thriving up and coming business ready to take on any challenges of the 21st century. Phil’s expertise helped us meet the credit demands and made it possible to establish means to pass a company onto the next generation. He, also was responsible for getting us a bank that saw the potential of Signature Stone and was willing to work with us in our growth and expansion of our business."

Jeff Hess, President —
Signature Stone, Inc.

"After nearly 40 years with our prior accounting firm, my partner and I decided it was time for a change. The old firm did our tax work and it seemed that every year was a last-minute dash to the finish line. Since we switched to RSB, tax time is a breeze. In 2015 when we were shopping for financing to relocate our practice, RSB surveyed the local lenders, narrowed the field to three and presented us with the proposals. They made the process easy and we got excellent terms on our loan. The fine folks at RSB also handle our payroll, bookkeeping, and we meet with them frequently to discuss business growth strategies. They are so much more than just another plain vanilla accounting firm. I strongly recommend giving them the chance to make your business run more smoothly."

Steve Cruse, O.D. — Hunters Hill Eye Care, LLC.

"We have been using RSB & Associates for many years. Our questions are answered in a timely manner. All our accounting & tax preparation & planning needs are met. The team also makes sure we are thinking about our future needs. I highly recommend RSB & Associates."

Dr. Chris Hunsinger — Shrewsbury Veterinary Clinic, Inc

"I would recommend RSB & Associates as their services have been very useful to me, allowing me to spend more time with my customers. RSB & Associates are reliable and friendly to work with."

Scot Firestone — Better Hearing Aid Centers, Inc.

"When I started my Veterinary practice, the smartest man I ever knew, my father, gave me two pieces of advice: do a good and honest job and use Mr. Phil Reck for all accounting and business advice. He was right on both accounts. Of all the anxiety provoking situations in managing a related issue, none provoked anxiety because I knew Mr. Reck at RSB & Associates, P.C. had my best interests in mind. He would always take the time to explain my options and if there was an issue he did not feel confident about, he knew who to call to get the proper information. He is the only professional I still have since he never disappointed me. In fact, I would receive unsolicited phone calls and emails from RSB & Associates with an idea he had, businesswise, that would produce more revenue from my practice. Phil has been my most trusted advisor for 34 years, by understanding my needs and personal situations, he effectively guided me in a world of business nuances. Mr. Reck’s contribution to my success is incalculable. He is trustworthy and I would not be able to relax and enjoy a very comfortable retirement had he not been my advisor and friend. He will do as much or as little as you want, but he and his company will help you manage your veterinary practice as if he had a stake in your success and you are his only client."

Charles London —
Charles E. London, DVM